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(AAC) Augmentative and Alternative Communication Links

AAC Parents Google Group
Google Group that is for parents of children who use some form of AAC.
Listserv for adults who use AAC, parents of children who use AAC, and anyone who either works with AAC, or is interested in learning more. 
Key phrases in American Sign Language ("ASL")  are now available for free on online with video illustrations.  This program is known as the ASL Browser.  There is also a more comprehensive CD-ROM for sale at the site. This site represents a wonderful resource to support inclusion for deaf children and other children who use sign for communication as part of a Total Communication System.
Joanne Cafiero's website that provides information about her work with children with Autism and AAC.  Dr. Cafiero's book, Meaninful Exchanges for People with Autism is a MUST HAVE and is a great place to start learning about the world of AAC.
Closing the Gap
Website includes newspaper, resource directory, conferences, solutions, and forums.
Creative Communicating Patti King-DeBaun
This is the company where my son got his communication device. Great customer support and technical support.
Illinois Assistive Technology Project
Provides device loan, assistive technology classifieds section, and does workshops and trainings. 
Joan Bruno SLP’s website
(Creator of the Gateway page sets found on the Dynavox brand products.)
Has a great user files page to demonstrate how children use their devices. Explains the difference between this program used by Dynavox and Minspeak which is used by PRC.
The program behind products from PRC (Prentke Romich). Different way of presenting vocabulary to AAC users that is used to save keystrokes making communication faster.
Nathaniel H. Kornreich Technology Center
In conjunction with Abilities!
Has archived webcasts like the ones at AAC-RERC (often developed with them) and covers topics that include AAC use in the classroom. Many more webcasts available at this site and are all very useful and free. Just click on the Webcasts link. ASHA and AOTA C.E. Credits are offered for these webcasts.
Pacer Center
Minneapolis, MN
Opening the Doors to Communication
(Take notice of copyright information if copying or distributing)
Promoting Augmentative Communication Together Yahoo Group 
The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Communication Enhancement
Excellent resource. The name sounds scary but it is very user friendly. This site has webcasts available from renowned speakers. These webcasts are excellent (and free) and will change the way you view very young children and AAC! 
University of Buffalo
Assistive Technology Training online Project
AT Basics
Modules provide general information about assistive technology. Look for the “communication needs” section from the above link.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Graduate program has a prestigious staff (including Dr. Beukelman)
Numerous links within the website
One for twenty most FAQs about AAC--
They have their own Augmentative and Alternative Communication Center
United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
USSAAC is the national chapter for ISAAC (International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication).
Vendors of AAC
Extensive list found at
Includes the big names like Dynavox and Prentke Romich. Important note, Dynavox has acquired Enkidu Labs. 
A wonderful educational website that includes information and definitions regarding AAC and funding issues. This website includes sections for different parts of the country: Phoenix, Houston, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. presents several technology, health, and information fairs and activities throughout the country that are FREE for families. 
Enormous list of links to various assistive technology/augmentative communication issues, projects, and vendors.
Augmentative Communication Resource Guide for Young Kids
Associated with University of Nebraska-Lincoln
A comprehensive website from evaluation to implementation of AAC. A very useful tool and easily understandable by teachers, parents, and professionals.