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The Sibling Side Of It

Siblings are often collateral damage in the life with autism. It is easy to find yourself focused on the child with autism to such an extent that all other parts of life get pushed to the side including your other children. Sometimes the needs of the child with autism are so great that other family activities and interests are put on the backburner. A sibling's needs however must not be forgotten and certainly not ignored. While changes in family lifestyle may be necessary there are ways to keep the family together and to foster relationships between siblings. Acknowledging that siblings of children with autism do indeed have different needs than those of a typically developing child and that these needs are no less important is a crucial first step. This section of the website may help foster communication between you and your autistic child's siblings and may help you understand that sibling a little bit better.

A Little Brother With Autism
My name is Skye. I have two younger brothers, Vaughn and Ewan. Ewan has Autism. Sometimes it is hard to understand my brother. Sometimes he has fits because we do not understand what he wants. Every week, four times a week he has speech. Sometimes my mom can’t always come to my ballet practices because she is with my brother at speech. My mom sometimes is so busy with Ewan’s device (MT4 Dynavox) or therapy that we can’t do things that I want to do.

When Friends Come Over
When my friends come over my brothers get really excited and all crazy. Some of my friends understand what autism is because they come over a lot and have been around Ewan. When my friends come over Ewan and Vaughn get in their faces and some of my friends don’t really get Ewan. Ewan likes to ask a question over and over and they don’t really understand why. I have a friend and she comes over a lot so she kind of understands what autism is and why he does these things, like repeating things and he’s right in your face some of the time and speaking loudly.