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The Senses Connected

In understanding autism, there is often no greater hurdle than that of sensory perception. Most of us can pretty easily grasp that a child has difficulty with language, or that there are certain routines to life, or even that the holiday party isn't the easiest thing in the world to handle. But not as many really understand the depth and pervasiveness of sensory dysfunction often found in the child with autism. Not all children with autism experience the same types of sensory problems and not all will react positively to any type of intervention. However, understanding that the child with autism can have an altered perception of sensory input can dramatically change the way you view behaviors, the environment, and overall quality of life. This section of the website is here to help change the way you think about the senses.

The Seven Senses
Wait…I thought there were only 5? When we grew up we were taught about the five senses—taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight. We all understand how these work and we experience these in much the same fashion everyday, when they work and when they don’t. What everyone living with a child on the spectrum needs to understand is that there is much, much more to your senses and how they interact and respond, and that there’s an extra two. Most people talk about sensory integration when discussing children on the spectrum or a you

Sensory Product Ideas And Links
Sensory links Here’s a fairly short list of sensory ideas that have worked for us at home, and some sensory catalogs to browse through. Remember, your friendly, OT specializing in sensory integration is going to have a lot more ideas—so ASK about what you can do at home! Catalogs—there are a lot of different catalogs out there that offer ‘sensory toys and equipment’ but not all are created equal! The catalogs below all have sensory toys from the ‘fidgit’ for busy little hands to oral

A Little Word About Behaviors
Most of your experienced parents and professionals will talk about a child’s behaviors and what they are like. A person who is new to all of this is trying to figure out a truckload of information and is now trying to determine exactly what a ‘behavior’ is. Well, there are lots and lots of different kinds of behaviors that children on the Autism Spectrum can have and do. One kind of behavior is the meltdown. You may not have known the proper term when your child is completely freaking out in the Target parking lot and people are coming out of the stor

Could You Please Stop Humming?
Read more about Ewan's fabulous three note tune in the new book Brains, Trains & Video Games:  Living The Autism Life now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Self-Stimula