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Sensory Product Ideas And Links

Sensory links
Here’s a fairly short list of sensory ideas that have worked for us at home, and some sensory catalogs to browse through. Remember, your friendly, OT specializing in sensory integration is going to have a lot more ideas—so ASK about what you can do at home!
Catalogs—there are a lot of different catalogs out there that offer ‘sensory toys and equipment’ but not all are created equal! The catalogs below all have sensory toys from the ‘fidgit’ for busy little hands to oral motor toys, to tactile toys, also pressure and weighted vest and even adaptive equipment. You might even find some nice aromatherapy ideas in some of them!   A good place to start is with any of the following catalogs:
Abilitations and you can order online or order a catalog to be sent to your house at
Beyond Play has some nice baby toys, sensory products, as well as books and videos. You can visit their website or order a catalog to be sent to your home at
Southpaw is another nice catalog and website full of resources! You can find Southpaw at
TFH is full of toys, art products, and equipment—find them at www.specialneedstoys,com
Therapro has some great sensory stories, as well as handwriting tools, and assistive tech stuff—find them at
Scented Toys—some of my favorite scented toys are playdoughs, markers and paints (all washable mind you!). These products are great for your kiddo with smell issues (who both crave or avoid it). These toys are also fun for your child with feeding issues because they can get used to the smell of certain foods. Some companies who makes these:
Sanford brand products (includes FOOHY products). This company makes scented just about everything. They have scented markers, watercolors, dry erase markers, scented erasers, pencil grips, and even colored pencils. with links to FOOHY products and on online store.
Tutti Frutti by Bojeux. This company makes scented playdoughs and paints for children and the paints are washable. You can buy Tutti Frutti brand toys from
Crash Pads (also check the above catalogs)"">Siesta Sak is a company that makes bean bags for giants. Seriously though, this foam bag saved me from being knocked down all the time. My son liked to ‘crash’ into me with enough force to knock me over and he needed a safe alternative. This bean-bag is so huge you can really have some fun on it with your kids (rolling, climbing, and so on!). This thing even helped my youngest son build up some strength for crawling and sitting (all with us helping him the whole time). It’s a great way for children to work out some ‘kinks’ in the system by playing on it, crawling on it, and rolling around on it. Plus your other children (including the one you call your husband) will totally LOVE it. We got the 6 footer and I will say this—it is BIG so make sure you’ve got the room for it. Look for it at the above link (Siesta Sak) or and even check or Sam’s Club online.
Trailers"">Bike Trailers are becoming popular nowadays and there’s a reason for that—they are so much fun! We recently got a bike trailer from Trek (the bicycle manufacturer) for our boys so that my husband, daughter, and I could all go out bicycling together. It’s not often that you can find great activities that EVERYONE in your family can do together. As long as your child on the spectrum tolerates the movement, it is so much fun and a great calming activity for your kids that are really ‘up’. And a really interesting experiment to try is with you feeding kiddos, because we’ve actually been able to get Ewan to eat foods he normally wouldn’t touch, it he eats them in the trailer while it’s moving. These trailers can be found even at Wal-Mart. Other manufacturers besides Trek include Burley, Schwinn, and Step 2. There are usually loads of these trailers on E-bay too. Find out information for each type of trailer (weight limits, etc…) at:

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