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I Know This Child Is Smart

Children with autism are as different as the snowflakes that fall from the sky. Each child has his own abilities and needs and difficulties. Each child will have their own strengths and interests. Each child will have their own communication abilities. Often, we think that if a child is non-verbal or has limited verbal ability that somehow their cognitive ability must also be limited or nonexistent. Yet this thinking is often nowhere near the mark. IQ tests don't do these children and adults justice and in my philosophy--it's best to make the least dangerous assumption. The least dangerous assumption in terms of the child with autism is to assume that he or she can learn. Yes, it may be difficult and we may certainly need to change our approach to teaching the child with autism but each child has something to offer and each child wants to learn about the world around them. This section of the website will help you think about 'teachable moments' for the young child with autism and how to be creative in bringing the world of the neurotypical into the world of the autistic.

Teachable Moments
As I have done research on education and young children, I’ve come across the term ‘teachable moments’ quite often. A teachable moment is simply taking advantage of a situation in order to expand upon a subject and tie in what a child has just seen, done, or heard into a broader discussion about anything and everything. For example, one day my son and I were driving home when we saw a turtle crossing the street. My son went ballistic when he saw it and I decided to stop. We pulled over in a parking lot and I helped the turtle get over in the grass (it

Spring Theme And Activity Ideas
Spring is HERE!  At last, the winter thaw is starting! The birds are chirping, the sun peeps out a little more each day and the grass grows a little greener. If you’re like us it probably felt like winter seemed like it would never end and cabin fever spread through the house like the common cold. Spring is such a wonderful time of year and the perfect opportunity to catch that teachable moment with your little one. Spring can also be a difficult time for a young child on the spectrum. The weather changes, the

Winter Theme Ideas
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… Well, the first snow of the year is upon us and I thought now would be a wonderful time to throw out some winter theme ideas. Many of these are a favorite in this house and work well with all my children despite their differences in age and abilities. When I think winter, I think food. Yep, when the temperature drops, I turn on the oven and start baking. You won’t find me within 10 feet of an oven in the summertime, but I’ll bake all week long in the winter. I als

Fall Theme Ideas
Fall Activities Themes:Fall, Seasons, Harvest Moons, Harvest Agriculture / Farming / Farms, Photosynthesis and leaves that change colors (don’t get too technical just let them know that leaves need to eat too!).Look for shows on your child’s favorite channel such as PBS, Disney, NickJr., and Noggin about Fall, Autumn, Halloween, and Harvest time.

Resources For The Teachable Moments
Here’s a list of supplies I think every family should keep in their ‘activity closet’:            Magnets—ones of animals, numbers, letters, or characters like Thomas.            Crayons, markers (washable of course), coloring pencils            Paints (all washable)      &nb